Steve Harvey 1989 PCT50

Original Old Goat

Steve Harvey was born in London England to a band of gypsies and was kidnapped by the Harveys just prior to their immigration to America (at least that’s what his mother said every time he made her angry). His sister claims when they tried to return Steve, the gypsies said, ”Keep him. We already have enough trouble.”
He started competitive running in 1981 and ran over twenty sub-three hour marathons before being introduced to trails and Ultramarathons. His personal running resume includes a sub 2:50 Marathon and a 20:09 100 Miler. After twenty five years of trail running he founded Old Goat Trail Races and added Race Directing to his resume. When not directing, Steve volunteers at other races, and can easily be talked into an Ultra adventure… Grand Canyon double crossing? Pick a day – any day! He particularly enjoys the company of other running Gypsies.

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