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September 29, 2018, Cleveland National Forest

The Saddleback Marathon has been an Orange County/Inland Empire running institution for over twenty years. Its founder, Baz Hawley, turned over the reins of the Saddleback Marathon to Old Goat Races. To stay consistent with Old Goat Races, Saddleback Marathon was renamed to Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon. This trail race takes place out of Blue Jay Campground and the course will be run clockwise in even years. The course is a single track and truck trail loop. Register for Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon and Half Marathon on Visit Old Goat Races’ facebook page for race updates and goat community.


8.5 hour cutoff. If race management determines a runner is unable to finish within the time limit, the runner will be asked to leave the course regardless of where the runner is at that particular time. Cutoff times will be posted at the start of the the race.
Not allowed. Unregistered runners will be banned from ALL future Old Goat Races. If an unregistered runner is running with a registered runner, we will assume they are there with your cooperation and you will be disqualified from the race and banned from ALL future Old Goat Races. NO BANDIT RUNNER WILL BE TOLERATED.
Saturday, 6:00 am – 7:30 am at Lower Blue Jay Campground. EVERY RUNNER is required to check in Saturday morning prior to the start. You will receive your race bib at check-in. Your bib must be worn on the front of your body and do not fold. This will ensure your race will be timed. Allow enough time to park before the race. See Parking Info.
We will have 6 aid stations on the course. Measurement taken with my Garmin. Your GPS may be different. Mine counts!
Mile 03.4 – Trabuco Trail Head
Mile 08.6 – Holy Jim Canyon
Mile 13.8 – Bear Springs
Mile 17.6 – Trabuco Peak
Mile 20.3 – Horsethief
Mile 22.7 – Trabuco Trail Head
Mile 26.1 – Blue Jay Campground Start & Finish
Mile 03.4 – Trabuco Trail Head
Mile 08.0 – Horsethief
Mile 10.4 – Trabuco Trail Head
Mile 13.8 – Blue Jay Campground Start & Finish
Course is marked with fluorescent ribbon, white flour and directional signs, no more than 3-5 minutes average run time apart. Turns are marked with extra ribbons and flour arrows. Two parallel chalk lines across a trail means DON’T GO THIS WAY! Watch where you are going. Do not relay on the person in front of you. There are opportunities to get off course. Pay attention.
Majority of the return trail will be on truck trails that may be open to off-road vehicles. Be careful. Expect vehicles to be moving fast. Race support vehicles and EMTs may be on the truck trails as well. YIELD even if you have the right away.
We are fortunate to run in a beautiful National Forest. Do not litter. What goes in the forest with you must come out of the forest with you. Use the Aid Stations to dispose of your trash if you can’t carry that gel packet to the finish line. If “nature” calls, please step off the trail to a safe location. Check for poison oak! Leaves of three, let them be.
If you must drop from the race, it is your responsibility to inform that Aid Station Captain and surrender your bib. Your failure to do this may result in a costly search and rescue effort that you will be billed for! If you drop, you will eventually be transported back to Blue Jay Campground. Depending on where and when  you drop, your return to the Start/Finish are may be two to three hours.
Hot food will be served to the competitors and volunteers at Blue Jay Campground Start/Finish line. Burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, etc and drinks. Spectators, family, and friends that wish to join in the grub are expected to make a modest donation per item.
Every finisher will receive a medal which doubles as a magnet. Age group winners will receive awards post event.
Active duty military, police, fire fighters, and Chimera 100 Volunteers may receive a 25% discount. Email for the coupon code. Please indicate which branch of service, city, and department. Chimera volunteers may not transfer their entry to a non-volunteer.


Course Map.

Saddleback Marathon Course Map
Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon