Register and run ALL four Old Goat Races* within the same year to receive a FREE race entry into CHIMERA 100k/100 miler of that year (Western States Qualifier). The person that registers must be the person that runs the race. Paying for a race + DNS does not count for the Old Goat Slam #OGSLAM.

First race of the year is Old Goat 50/50/30. REGISTER HERE. Some of the races include trails that are part of the Chimera 100k/100m course, so it’s a good preview.

The runner with the MOST RACE MILES (includes all FIVE races) will win the OLD GOAT SLAM TROPHY!

*Old Goat 50/50/30
Nanny Goat 12/24/100m
BillyGoat Hill Climb
Saddleback Half/Full Marathon
PRIZE is registration to CHIMERA 100 miler or 100K


• Register & Run all four Old Goat Races and get a FREE race entry to CHIMERA 100k/100m.

• Runner with the most miles will win the OLD GOAT SLAM TROPHY.



Congratulations to Erin Cartaya, Darryl Shedarowich and Steve Fry! You are recipients of the OLD GOAT SLAM 2017 PRIZE. Thank you for running all 4 of the 2017 Old Goat Races. Your gift is “The Beast” – Chimera 100/100.

Steve Fry is the winner of the OLD GOAT SLAM MOST MILES!