Old Goat 50
March TBD, 2019, Cleveland National Forest

Due to the Holy Fires, a new race course is being proposed to the Forest Service for approval. Stay tuned for updates. Please note the information listed below does not apply to 2019 Old Goat 50.

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There is a 6 hour cutoff at mile 21 and a 14 hour time limit for the full race. The first loop of the race takes place on a twenty mile technical single track that meanders down through oak and sycamore lined canyons and then up onto ridges high above the Ortega Corridor. It then descends from the ridge to the famous “Candy Store” aid station at mile 11. From the Candy Store the runners continue on the lollypop loop and return to Bluejay. This time it’s uphill!

From Bluejay the race begins the first serious climb of the race, a 1000′ journey up a narrow truck trail. The course then descends 2500′ on a 5 mile rocky technical trail into the Mountain Community of Holy Jim Canyon, the half way point. From Holy Jim canyon the race again turns uphill, climbing 4,000′ in the next 7.5 miles to the Summit of Santiago Peak, the highest point in the Santa Ana Mountains.

Although it’s a 2000′ net downhill from the Antenna Fields at Santiago peak to the finish, there is still 1500′ of UP! The final miles of the race occur on the Main Divide Truck Trail with aid stations every 2.5 miles. Old Goat Race swag for all finishers and awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female finishers. Finishers are greeted in Bluejay Campground with a full service BBQ grill that caters to everyones palate… including vegan and gluten free. Spectators and crews are invited to participate for a modest donation to Second Harvest of Riverside, CA.

The 50K takes place on 29 miles of the Old Goat 50 Mile course. It departs from the 50 Mile course at the bottom of Horse Thief West and rejoins at the top on the North Main Divide. Old Goat Race swag for all finishers and an award for the 1st place finisher.

Mileage varies from device to device. It’s a “trail” race – rarely exact.
30K distance is 18.6 miles
50K distance is 31.68 miles
50 mile distance is about 50 miles

ACTIVE duty military, police, fire fighters, and Chimera 100 Volunteers may receive a 25% discount. Email ultradawg@gmail.com for the coupon code. Please indicate which branch of service, city, and department. Chimera volunteers may not transfer their entry to a non-volunteer.

Drop bags at Lower Blue Jay ONLY (start, mile 21, and finish)
Drop bags must be placed in designated area before start of race.
UNACCEPTABLE Drop Bags = Suitcases, backpacks, and large duffle bags.
Use water resistant containers, no larger than 6” x 9” x 16”
Do not put containers of liquid in your drop bag unless you can guarantee the container will not bust open!
Drop bags must be clearly marked with the runner’s name and bib number.
Retrieving your drop bags is your responsibility. Please do not abandon your bag and expect return delivery as an amenity. We reserve the right to open your bag and share any of the goods left behind.

8 Aid Stations and 12 opportunities to pass thru aid stations. Well stocked with supplies and experienced trail runners and experienced volunteers. You may leave your drop at Lower Blue Jay (Start & Finish area)
Mile 00.00 – Lower Blue Jay – DROP BAGS
Mile 06.60 – Chiquita Falls
Mile 10.90 – Candy Store
Mile 15.40 – Chiquita Falls
Mile 20.80 – Falcon / Lower Blue Jay – DROP BAGS
Mile 23.60 – Trabuco Trail
Mile 28.80 – Holy Jim Canyon
Mile 33.90 – Bear Springs
Mile 36.70 – Santiago Peak
Mile 39.50 – Bear Springs
Mile 41.90 – Trabuco Trail
Mile 44.50 – Horsethief
Mile 47.10 – Trabuco Trail

NO PACERS for all distances.
Your support crew is welcome to hang at the start/finish line.

30K: First Place Female & First Place Male
50K: First Place Female & First Place Male
50 MILER: First, Second & Third Place Female and First, Second & Third Place Male
No Age Group awards.


Distance: 50.1 miles • Lowest point: 1775 ft • Highest point: 5600 ft • Elevation range: 3825 ft • Total Climb: 13,423 ft • GPX FILES TO COME!
Old Goat 50 miler
Old Goat 50K
Old Goat 30K


Map to Blue Jay from Lake Elsinore
Blue Jay Campground is located approximately 14 miles west of the junction of Interstate15 and Rte.74 (The Ortega Highway). There are numerous turns during the first five miles. Also, you will pass grocery and convenience stores in Lake Elsinore. If you need anything (including gas) get it here. There will be very few opportunities to purchase anything once you start up the hill. The drive from Lake Elsinore takes about a half hour but you can get stuck behind a truck, tourist, or timid driver who refuses to go faster than 25 and won’t use the turnouts. At mile 11 make a right hand turn onto what is locally known as Long Canyon Rd. Once on Long Canyon, you are only three miles from Blue Jay (see directions in previous description).
Map to Blue Jay from San Juan Capistrano
Blue Jay Campground is approximately 25 miles east of the Junction of Interstate 5 in San Juan Capistrano and Rte 74 (the Ortega Highway). Note: other than a strip mall in San Juan there will be NO services available anywhere other than in the immediate vicinity of the freeway. At mile 22 make the left hand turn onto what is locally known as Long Canyon Rd. There will be signs (Old Goat Race) and glow-sticks indicating the route. Long Canyon is narrow, winding and very steep. When you arrive at the tee – turn right onto another narrower, winding, and steep asphalt road. The entrance to Bluejay will be on the left. You do not have to stop at the entrance. Continue through the campground to lower Blue Jay and follow the instructions on the signs, and/or the directions of race staff.


Camping at Blue Jay Campground at Start/Finish line
First come, first served. Not all campgrounds are open year round. Call before arriving. Click HERE for other campgrounds in the Lake Elsinore area.
Best Western Lake Elsinore Inn & Suites
All Lake Elsinore Motels are 15-20 miles from Blue Jay Campground Start/Finish line. Plan accordingly.
Best Western Capistrano Inn
All San Juan Capistrano Motels are 26-35 miles from Blue Jay Campground Start/Finish line. Plan accordingly.


Volunteers are key to successful trail races. Some volunteers are not even runners. They make to the choice to help just because! If you are interested in volunteering please email me and I will put you in touch with the volunteer chief > ultradawg@gmail.com


Race results posted HERE


START TIME: 6:00 am or FIRST LIGHT – all distances

The Ortega highway is long and winding with few opportunities to pass slower vehicle. There are NO SERVICES once you leave Capistrano or Lake Elsinore. There are two small stores. Great sandwiches but they close early. There are NO GAS stations and once out of El Cariso very poor cell service.

All vehicles must display a National Forest Adventure Pass. If you do not have a yearly pass, you will have to purchase two one day passes ($5 each). Visit www.fs.usda.gov for places to buy the pass or visit a local sporting goods store.


Upon arrival to entrance of Blue Jay Campground, continue driving into the park following ribbons, signs and Volunteers will be assisting. Do not stop at the entrance (regardless of what the sign says). Once on the road to lower Blue Jay stay on the right side and pull as close to the car in front of you as possible only allowing sufficient room to pull out if you plan to leave before the end of the race. Large gaps are UNACCEPTABLE.

If traffic is backed all the way to the gate you will be required to either pay to park in a campsite, or in one of the other day use parking areas on Long Canyon Road. Under no circumstance will anyone park in a manner that blocks emergency vehicles or in unmarked spaces outside the lower Blue Jay gate.

YOU WILL BE TICKETED FOR PARKING IN UNMARKED PLACES outside of the lower Blue Jay gate. Follow the directions of the attendants (assume they are armed). If you have crew and/or pacers driving separately, they will be asked to park outside of Blue Jay proper. There are turn outs on Long Canyon Road. Your crew/pacers may have to walk up to a mile into lower Blue Jay. They may need lamps.


Camping is available in the park. OGR reserves some spaces in Lower Blue Jay, but staff are given priority, available sites in lower Blue Jay are $20 per night (Old Goat Races special price). All other sites in the park are first come first served. It is wise to arrive early on Friday if you want to camp. Please park in a manner to allow multiple cars per site. The unreserved sites in the park require the payment of a camping fee – see instructions at camp entrance. No RV’s in Lower Blue Jay Please. They are a bitch to turn around and they WILL be turned around.


Course is marked with fluorescent ribbon, white flour and directional signs, no more than 3-5 minutes average run time apart. Turns are marked with extra ribbons and flour arrows. Two parallel chalk lines across a trail means DON’T GO THIS WAY! Watch where you are going. Do not rely on the person in front of you. There are opportunities to get off course. Pay attention.


ALL runners will be starting at first light. The first miles of the Old Goat 50/50/30 takes place on very technical single tracks. You will not be allowed past any aid station if it is dark and you do not have a light. Be sure to grab you light at mile 21 if you don’t already have it on you.

Timing is being conducted by Negative Split Running. Runners need to check-in for tracking and accountability. You will receive a bib that has your chip on it. DO NOT FOLD YOUR BIB. Don’t assume volunteers saw your bib number. Be sure to tell them. Chip timing via HAM radio may be implemented (terrain allowing).

Crew access to runners at the following Aid Stations:
Blue Jay Start/Finish
Candy Store
Crews not allowed at on the course at any other locations other than the Aid Stations listed above.


We will be running through a residential area in Trabuco and Holy Jim Canyons therefore it is imperative that we respect the residents’ peace and quiet. Please avoid loud talking, yelling, singing show tunes, etc while running through the canyon. Pretend you are in church.

We prefer no headphones but if you must, please wear ear bud in one ear. Among the things that may be behind you include a faster runner, a mountain biker, off road vehicles, and a mountain lion.


Trekking poles may be carried responsibly after 21 miles but are considered mechanical aids and will disqualify the user from possible awards.

We are fortunate to run in a beautiful National Forest. Do not litter. What goes in the forest with you must come out of the forest with you. Use the Aid Stations to dispose of your trash if you can’t carry that gel packet to the finish line. If “nature” calls, please step off the trail to a safe location. Check for poison oak! Leaves of three, let them be.


Hot food will be served to the competitors and volunteers at Blue Jay Campground Start/Finish line. Burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, etc and drinks. Spectators, family, and friends that wish to join in the grub are expected to make a modest donation per item.

Pets make nice snacks for the local wildlife. Thank you in advance. All pets must be on leash at all times… even the cute ones who “never bother anyone”! Forest Service dictates.

All children must be on leash at all times… even the cute ones who “never bother anyone”! Just kidding…kinda. Children are YOUR responsibility. Well behaved children are always welcome, but be advised as to the dangers of a wilderness park. Mountain lions make no distinctions between small animals and small children. Mountain Lion sightings occur in this region of the Cleveland National Forest.


There is one 10’ x 10’ near the camp where cell phone reception is possible. Once you leave the Ortega Highway you are cut off from the electronic world.

"Even the downhill is up."

LTUltrarunner, Owner of Negative Spilt Running

"The aid stations was done first rate."

Scott MillsRace Director San Diego 100
Old Goat 50 2016 photographs shown here were shot by ©HOWIE STERN PHOTOGRAPHY. Photos may be purchased HERE.

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