Nanny Goat 12/24/100
May 26-27, 2018, Riverside, CA
The Nanny Goat Race takes place on a one mile dirt loop on a private horse ranch located in Riverside, California. Shelli Sexton is Nanny Goat’s Co Race Director. The ranch is owned and operated by the Sexton Family. The race is open to solo runners and teams of four runners. Teams may be all women, all men, or mixed. The object is to complete as many laps as possible within an allotted 12 or 24 hour period. A 100 mile option is available for any 24 hr runner who has completed 86 miles by 8:00 am on Sunday. Those runners may continue until reaching 100 miles or 12:00pm (whichever is sooner).
The course is flat, the footing is good (weather dependent), and the trail is wide enough to allow easy passing. Support is never more than a half mile away. As with all Old Goat venues, swag will be presented to all entrants. Tech shirts, medals, mugs, etc. In addition to the food and tasty beverages provided in the transition area, there will be a Saturday afternoon BBQ and a Sunday Morning Pancake. Register for Nanny Goat 12/24/100 on Nanny Goat race is an excellent opportunity to raise money for your favorite charity.

Nanny Goat Tatts


NG Lucinda Jacobs

Nanny Goat Buckles


The Nanny Goat Race takes place on a ONE mile dirt loop on a horse ranch located in Riverside California. The course has 3 different surface types – asphalt, dirt, and turf. The asphalt and dirt are flat with excellent footing. The turf is irregular and no matter how many moles we assassinate others rapidly take their place. Knowing this helps folks with their walk/run decisions. Although you will pass the kitchen every lap avoid overeating and over coffee consumption.
12 Hour option: Opt for a daytime or night time 12 hour segment. The object is to complete as many laps as possible within an allotted 12 hour period.
24 Hour option: The object is to complete as many laps as possible within an allotted 24 hour period.
100 Mile option: A 100 mile option is available for any 24 hr runner who has completed 86 miles by 8:00 am on Sunday. Those runners may continue until reaching 100 miles or 12:00pm (whichever is sooner).

No Friday check-ins. We would prefer you arrive at the venue after 12pm Friday. We understand that some travel itineraries may make that difficult, so if you do arrive before 12pm just know that the race staff will be prepping the site and you may be put to work.

6:00 am Saturday – Check-In

8:00 am Saturday – Start Time (pre-race announcements in the Goat Pen prior to start)

8:00 pm Saturday – Start Time 12 hr Night Runners

12:00 pm Sunday – Finish Time. Race Over.


Every Mile! Hot food, cold food, beverages, Saturday BBQ, Sunday Pancakes for the runners. TAILWIND electrolyte drink. Bring your own electrolyte if you prefer a different brand.

Crews, family, spectators, etc. are welcome to the food for $10.00/person. Your person will be issued a wristband indicating they are entitled to the buffet. Children helping themselves to aid station goodies is unacceptable. Children helping themselves to the food was a problem last year. Bad behaving children will be returned to their parents. If the behavior repeats, the entire family will be asked to leave the property. We expect non runners will understand that the runners get preference at the grill and buffet table.

NO. If one friend or family member wants to accompany you for a lap or two after dark we won’t object. If this is your first 100 and you want your family to run the last lap with you, be our guest…. BUT remember the other runners have priority and cede the course to them without having to be asked. If pacing becomes an issue we will close the course to everyone but registered runners.

Bandits will be instructed to leave the property immediately. Bandit = someone running more than a few laps. You want to run more than a few laps? See Jean Ho at the timing station and bring cash.

All runners receive a race tech shirt and a medal. There is no such thing as DNF at Nanny Goat. Only the 100 mile finishers receive a buckle. Different colors* of buckles for each finish. No age group awards.  We will also have a table with race souvenirs for purchase. Bring cash!

*colors of buckles

1st NG100 – light blue

2nd NG100 – black

3rd NG100 – red

4th NG100 – green

5th NG100 – purple

6th NG100 – royal blue

7th NG100 – orange

8th NG100 – rust


Timing is being conducted by Negative Split Running. You will be issued a bib with a timing chip on the bib. If you want your laps accurately counted don’t fold your bib, don’t wear it on your back, and don’t bury it under three layers of clothes. You will see your results on a timing screen in the barn. It may be crowded for the first lap or two and your name may scroll too fast to be easily seen. Wait a few laps before you start whining to the staff. Do not stop in from of the timing screen during the race or you will piss a lot of people off.


Results are calculated by the number of miles you run regardless of which event you registered in. If you stop at or before 8:00 pm, your results will be counted in the 12 hr category. If you continue beyond 8:00 pm (even if it’s for only one lap) you will be counted in the 24 hr results. If you have run at least 86 miles by 8:00 am Sunday, you will be permitted to continue to 100 miles or 28 hours (whichever occurs first).


We make first aid kits available but we CANNOT dispense any pain medications. You must bring your own NSAIDs. The majority of injuries at the race will be blisters and/or dehydration. Both are under your own control. Plan accordingly. You are responsible for your own medical insurance. Our USATF sanction does not include medical insurance. In the event of a life threatening emergency we are a half mile from Riverside Fire EMTs.


Active duty military, police, fire fighters, and Chimera 100 Volunteers (and wish to use your discount at Nanny Goat) may receive a 25% discount. Email for the coupon code. Please indicate which branch of service, city, and department. Chimera volunteers may not transfer their entry to a non-volunteer. Please do NOT request a discount code if you do NOT qualify.


Map to the Sexton Ranch
2600 Grace Street, Riverside, CA 92504. Nanny Goat takes place on a commercial equestrian facility. Please follow the signs posted for parking. RVs will have a different parking area – follow the signs and/or volunteers. This is a residential neighborhood therefore your cooperation with rules of the venue are of utmost importance.


Following signs and/or volunteer guides. The primary parking for cars is accessed from Grace St. but will fill up early on Saturday morning. When this lot is full, cars will be redirected to an area adjacent to the asphalt section of the course. Both parking areas are less than .1 miles from the barn. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET.
RVs will directed to an area behind the barn but still on the property.
Nanny Goat Map


The Sexton family (venue owners) are avid supporters of Old Goat Trail Races. Shelli Sexton, the Co Race Director, is an ultra-athlete having finished the Tevis Cup horse race and Western States 100 race. If you have an opportunity please thank the family for making the ranch available for the event. Continued use of the facility is dependent on the conduct of our runners and their supporters. Bad behavior will not be tolerated – if you have to ask – it’s bad.
We are guests on a commercial horse boarding facility. This not an official campground. You can expect horse owners, ranch hands, service vehicles, etc. They are not race support. Please don’t ask them to assist you. DO NOT FEED ANY ANIMALS other than your crew! There are no custodians. The trash cans over flow quickly so it helps to bring your own trash bags. On your departure you are expected to deposit the bags in the dumpster – you can’t miss it.
Barn Stalls are allocated by the race officials and preassigned.
Tents, tables and EZ-Ups may be placed along the race course. None of which is to protrude into the race course.
RVs may park head or back in. No parallel parking to the race course.
NOTE: This is a working equestrian facility. There will be horse manure EVERYWHERE. Bring tarps or be prepared to take home souvenirs. 
Turn off car alarms.
Do not park on the street.
Do not feed the horses.
Do not ask any ranch workers for assistance.
Limited shower access. Most likely a cold shower. Bring your own towel. Also, it’s on a septic tank so don’t linger.
Swimming Pool? Invitation only! The Sextons have opened the pool to children of runners in the past. Use of the pool requires a parent to accompany their children. Bad behavior will not be tolerated.
No Pets. As much as we enjoy pets we prefer you leave them at home. There are several ranch dogs that have the run of the property. God help the person that brings a dog and allows it off leash!
Children under 12 years of age must have adult supervision at all times.
The ranch is located in an urban area with hotels, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, etc, within a few miles. We are a short ride from Disneyland if your loved ones aren’t entertained by our human merry-go-round.


Volunteers are the key to successful trail races. Some volunteers are not even runners. They make to the choice to help just because! If you are interested in volunteering please email me and I will put you in touch with the volunteer chief >
Check in with me before beginning your service. All volunteers must sign a waiver if you’re volunteering in any capacity. Cooking, cleanup, watering, inspecting the Porta Potties, amputating limbs from people caught feeding the horse, etc.


LIVE TRACKING of runners on race weekend can be found on Negative Split Running‘s web site.
RESULTS also posted here >
Links will be posted on the Nanny Goat 2016 facebook event page.

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